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& Associates®

We Fight For Your Legal Rights.

We plead in all Criminal – Sessions Courts of Gujarat & the High Court of Gujarat.

Defended The Most Crucial & Complicated Cases In The City

Wherein the chance of success was less than 00.01 % and yet leaded to 100% success


Success Ratio

Defended The Most Serious Cases In Ahmedabad

With many more cases of Serious Nature and leaded them to 99.9% of SUCCESS.

  • Vinzol Village Murder Case
  • Maghaninagar Rape Case: Rape on a Daughter by Father(Army Man)
  • Gomtipur Bride Hanging Case
  • Paldi Gang Rape Case
  • Post Godhara Riots’ Cases: Murder& Attempt to Murder
  • Dariapur Fake Currency Case
  • Rape on a Blind Girl
  • Shastrinagar Murder Case
  • Hotel Silver Spring Gang Rape Case
  • Ramol Gang Rape Case
  • Rape on a three years Minor by Neighbour
  • Rape on a Minor by a Married Man
  • Rape on a Sister-in-Law
  • Rape on a Victim by a Stranger Intruder in the Victim’s Home

Mr. & Mrs. Brahmbhatt

Mr. Anand Brahmbhatt

Mrs. Kinjal Brahmbhatt

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At Advocate Anand Brahmbhatt & Associates®, “we are passionate towards our work, have a solid bond with our colleagues, and have an unshakeable devotion to our clients’ interests.” Our staff has the ability to visualize, plan for, and serve our clients to achieve the best results. Because we see opportunities where some only see problems!

With a dignified courtroom presence, our well experienced criminal law practitioners Mr. and Mrs. Brahmbhatt have achieved remarkable success in defending the most sensitive and complicated criminal cases in the city of Ahmedabad.

Advocate Anand Brahmbhatt & Associates® adopts a forward-looking approach towards the practice of law, combining both conventional practice areas and emerging law amendments, setting benchmarks and the highest technical standards within the legal fraternity.

We understand our clients’ requirements across diverse criminal jurisdictions. Our Firm is known for its adeptness in identifying and mitigating risks by providing exceptional legal guidance and assistance to a wide range of domestic and international clients.

Highly recognized as leader in the field of criminal law, Advocate Anand Brahmbhatt & Associates® ensures that clients receive practical, innovative, and cost-effective services in a responsive manner while upholding the highest ethical standards.

Advocate Anand Brahmbhatt’s identity reaffirms inclusiveness and recognizes the contributions of partners, associates, and support staff in creating a leading institution expertized in Criminal Law in India.

Mr. & Mrs. Brahmbhatt owns their own office having a registered trademark title Advocate Anand Brahmbhatt & Associates® by the Government of India.

Criminal Law Practice

  • Started in the Year 2008
  • Tremendous success with concrete experience as Criminal Law Practitioners
  • A competent Attorney with a positive consciousness committed to the society in general
  • Setting a higher bar in criminal law practise since 2008


Mr. Anand Brahmbhatt

M.A. in English Literature; B.Ed.; LL.B.

Mrs. Kinjal Brahmbhatt

B.A. in English Literature; LL.B.

Family Background

Mr. Anand Brahmbhatt comes from a family of renowned teachers. And his father, Lt. Mr. MG Brahmbhatt was the very well known teacher of English in Ahmedabad. Mr. Anand Brahmbhatt is accompanied at court by his advocate wife Kinjal Brahmbhatt.

Solid Legal Expertise In

  • Rape / POCSO
  • Murder & Attempt to Murder
  • Bride Burning / Hanging
  • Suicidal Cases
  • Fake Currency
  • NDPS
  • Economic Offences
  • Land Grabbing
  • Cases related to PNDT Act and Medical Negligence


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